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DNS name Description IPv6 address(es) Added on
centovalli.swisssite iconComune delle CentovalliSwitzerland2a00:d70::b:2002:0:d91a:36ab
198 days ago
rueggisberg.chsite iconHome | Gemeinde RüeggisbergSwitzerland2a02:418:200d::1:102
252 days ago
aeschi.chsite iconWillkommen: Aeschi b. SpiezGermany2a00:1158:1000:406::317
253 days ago
huentwangen.chGemeinde HüntwangenSwitzerland2a00:d70::b:2002:0:d91a:3516
269 days ago
nmbs.chNaturhistorisches Museum BaselSwitzerland2a00:17e0::cccc
305 days ago
grunliberale.chGrünliberale Partei SchweizSwitzerland2a00:17e0::cccc
313 days ago
salvan.chsite iconCommune de SalvanLuxembourg2001:4b98:dc2:41:216:3eff:fe56:b5d9
321 days ago
migusto.migros.chMigusto | Der Kochclub der Migrosunknown2a05:d014:ad0:4e01:7aae:4ce4:143e:87ea
341 days ago
microspot.chsite iconMicrospotGermany2a00:1798:6:10::90
357 days ago
zurich-airport.comsite iconPassengers & visitors - Flughafen ZürichSwitzerland2a01:200:d261:261b::100
367 days ago
bikester.chsite iconVelo & Fahrrad günstig kaufen im Onlineshop Bikester.chGermany2a01:138:a033::100:30
374 days ago
company.sbb.chsite iconDas Unternehmen | SBBSwitzerland2a00:4bc0:ffff:ffff::c296:f58e
467 days ago
wwz.chsite iconWWZ ZugSwitzerland2a01:8b80:1042:2242::198
476 days ago
refund-suisse.chsite iconREFUND SUISSE AGGermany2a01:238:43ff:fd00:dcb2:ae60:683:3c3d
529 days ago
565 days ago
darest.comServices IT pour PME, Grands Comptes et OI/ONG à Genève et LausanneSwitzerland2a00:d70::b:2002:0:d91a:3764
573 days ago
sony.chsite iconSony Switzerlandunknown2a02:26f0:3000:29f::321b
607 days ago
wahlen-abstimmungen.zh.chsite iconWahlen & Abstimmungen Kanton ZürichSwitzerland2a02:e0c0:1007:a106::4c
690 days ago
kopierpapier.chsite iconKopierpapier hier sehr günstig bestellen | kopierpapier.chGermany2a00:1158:1000:407::367
761 days ago
chateau-doex.chsite iconPays-d'Enhaut vacances, voyages, excursions, hôtels, gastronomie et festivalsSwitzerland2a04:c007::15
798 days ago
ch.emb-japan.go.jpJapanische Botschaft in der Schweizunknown2a02:26f0:3000::170a:f922
871 days ago
roost-thun.chAdvokaturbüro Roost & Partner ThunSwitzerland2a02:418:200d::1:115
969 days ago
gourmetmaert.chSissacher GourmetmärtSwitzerland2001:1620:2062::c:2
974 days ago
974 days ago
veranstaltungs-kalender.chVeranstaltungs-Kalender Der Kalender, mit mehr Inhalt als man denkt!Switzerland2001:1620:2062::c:3b
974 days ago
cixp.web.cern.chsite iconCIXP | CERN Internet eXchange PointSwitzerland2001:1458:201:b0::100:d
992 days ago
riggisberg.chGemeinde RiggisbergSwitzerland2a02:418:200d::1:115
1041 days ago
neunforn.chPolitische Gemeinde Neunfornunknown2600:9000:200e:4c00:9:98ce:ee40:93a1
1041 days ago
affolternimemmental.chGemeinde Affoltern im EmmentalSwitzerland2a02:418:200d::1:115
1041 days ago
ar.chsite iconKanton Appenzell AusserrhodenSwitzerland2a04:503::1003:0:0:0:221
1191 days ago
ipv6.laurentc.netIPv6 onlyLaurent Commeau | Expert in Information systems, Customer orientedFrance2001:bc8:231d:202::69
2009 days ago
airspace.flightsupport.chsite iconflightsupport.ch - airport infoUnited Kingdom2a01:7e00::f03c:91ff:fe79:2af5
2220 days ago
flughafen-zuerich.chFlughafen ZürichSwitzerland2a01:200:d261:261b::100
2223 days ago
bhmsacademy.chBusiness and Hotel Management School, Luzern, SwitzerlandSwitzerland2001:1b50::82:195:225:154
2244 days ago
2529 days ago
ipv6.monzoon.netIPv6 onlysite iconMonzoon Networks AGSwitzerland2a02:200:1:40::1000
3742 days ago

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