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DNS name Description IPv6 address(es) Added on
ip.lafibre.infosite iconQuelle est mon adresse IPv4 / IPv6 publique ?France2a01:6e00:10:410::2
30 days ago
ipv6.sjvls.orgIPv6 onlySJVLS IPv6United States2607:f380:8c9:2006:60df:b1de:c837:d880
40 days ago
dnslabs.nlIPv6 onlyIPv6 only pageNetherlands2001:980:5270:1:83:163:210:97
45 days ago
bgnw.deBenutzerGruppe NetzWerke (BGNW) - BGNW Portraitunknown2001:8d8:100f:f000::21a
63 days ago
omniconsult.comsite iconOmniconsult - Strategische InformationstechnologieGermany2003:2:2:15:80:150:6:143
137 days ago
nixnetadm.comThe (almost) lost art of proper UNIX and Network AdministrationUnited States2001:470:7176:f1d1::1
196 days ago
milek7.plWelcome to nginx!United States2001:470:1f13:202::1
205 days ago
ipv6tree.bitnet.beipv6 christmas treeBelgium2001:6a8:28c0:3::2
220 days ago
jpne.co.jpJPNE | 日本ネットワークイネイブラー株式会社Japan2001:260:401:16f::8e
228 days ago
nat64check.go6lab.sinat64 compatibility checkSlovenia2001:67c:27e4::16
233 days ago
ipv6consultancy.co.uksite iconIPv6 Consultancy and Professional Services - Erion LtdUnited Kingdom2a00:1a80:2000:50:4552:494f:4e0a:50
United Kingdom2a00:1a80:2000:250:4552:494f:4e0a:50
234 days ago
akis.atsite iconakis.at - Freude am Surfen \:-)Austria2a02:b18:500:912:95:129:200:9
249 days ago
mijnip.nlsite iconMijnIP.nl Wat is mijn IP adres? en hostname?Netherlands2a00:1630:57::14
260 days ago
disrupt6.comsite iconDisrupt6 | Indicators of Intent™ Threat IntelligenceUnited States2604:a880:800:10::8e:2001
291 days ago
ipv6wallofshame.comIPv6 Wall of ShameNetherlands2a03:b0c0:3:d0::44:1
316 days ago
snbforums.comsite iconSmallNetBuilder ForumsHong Kong2400:cb00:2048:1::6819:eb0f
Hong Kong2400:cb00:2048:1::6819:ea0f
320 days ago
netlab.inf.hochschule-bonn-rhein-sieg.deNetlab - HomeGermany2001:638:408:200::5
351 days ago
ipv6prepared.comsite iconIs your website ready for IPv6?Netherlands2a01:7c8:c166:2::143
414 days ago
ipv6now.fi.National IPv6 launchFinland2a00:13f0::1005:0:0:0:11
534 days ago
ipv6.picturesIPv6 picturesunknown2a07:1c80:100:193::10
577 days ago
ipv6.coolIPv6 informationunknown2a07:1c80:100:193::10
577 days ago
secureenduserconnection.sesite iconSecure Enduser Connection, SEC | Secure Enduser Connectionunknown2a07:1c80:100:193::10
577 days ago
maps.txv6tf.orgTexas countites with IPv6unknown2a07:1c80:100:193::10
577 days ago
konsultermedipv6.seSwedish IT's with IPv6unknown2a07:1c80:100:193::10
577 days ago
ipv6only.sesite iconIPv6 Only Leva med bara IPv6unknown2a07:1c80:100:193::10
578 days ago
quevieneipv6.comsite icon¡Que viene IPv6! -unknown2001:8d8:100f:f000::296
594 days ago
ipv4.ripIPv4 RIPunknown2a07:1c80:100:193::10
597 days ago
katalogrouteru.czsite iconKatalog routerů - Úvodní stránkaCzech Republic2001:1488:ac15:ff90::130
644 days ago
gixtools.netsite iconGIXtools projectHong Kong2400:cb00:2048:1::681c:47
Hong Kong2400:cb00:2048:1::681c:147
662 days ago
WhatIsMyIPAddress.comWhat Is My IP Address? IP Address Tools and Moreunknown2a02:26f0:3000:28d::25ad
666 days ago
ipv6.saSaudi Arabia IPv6 Task ForceSaudi Arabia2001:67c:18c8:15::101
679 days ago
ipv6gw.nytud.huIPv6 onlyWelcome pageHungary2001:738:4050:1::2
690 days ago
ip.o2g.frYour IP address - O2 GraphicsFrance2001:bc8:30ee:110::1
724 days ago
ipv6scanner.comsite iconIPV6 Scanner is a Online Port Scan. Also scans IPV4 ports.Canada2607:5300:100::43d
799 days ago
cassini.desite iconCassini - Guiding Ahead | Cassini ConsultingGermany2a03:2a00:1200::1:0:0:3574
799 days ago
whois.afrinic.netWhois query - AfrinicMauritius2001:42d0::201:0:0:0:20
803 days ago
ru.myip.mssite iconМой IP адрес - Ipv4 и Ipv6 |Canada2607:5300:60:8137:a149::1
863 days ago
maxconsole.comsite iconEnable IPv6 for your website - ProlocationHong Kong2400:cb00:2048:1::681f:436b
Hong Kong2400:cb00:2048:1::681f:426b
896 days ago
ipv6-spider.comsite iconInternational IPv6-Directory and IPv6-StatisticsAustria2001:858:6::186
940 days ago
ip.comglobalit.comsite iconWhat is my IPv6 address - IPv4 and IPv6 enabled - Service by Comglobal IT S.A.United States2607:feb8::a:2
974 days ago
ipv6hackers.orgIPv6 HackersIreland2a00:1450:400a:807::2013
1045 days ago
nivex.netsite iconNivex's Lair: MainUnited States2600:3c03::1b:1000
1057 days ago
ipv6center.mict.go.thsite iconMinistry of Information and Communication Technology - IPv6 Coordination CentreThailand2401:9d00:1103:2:164:115:35:98
1099 days ago
ai-radio.orgsite iconAI Radio - Real Hi-Fi internet radiostation, Hi-End broadcasting for audiophileNetherlands2a00:1630:2:1004::1
1130 days ago
v6.ai-radio.orgIPv6 onlysite iconAI Radio - Demoscene, tracker, keygen music, videogame & Arcade Console music...Netherlands2a00:1630:2:1004::1
1131 days ago
ipv6.cloud.org.myIPv6 onlyKonsortium ICT Pantai TimurMalaysia2002:af88:8f9:3:1::2
1161 days ago
nbis.netNBIS digital@home: За Дома -Bulgaria2a00:e200:100:131::c005
1261 days ago
v6sonar.comV6 sonarHong Kong2400:cb00:2048:1::6819:9063
Hong Kong2400:cb00:2048:1::6819:8f63
1262 days ago
idsv6.deIPv6 IDSGermany2001:638:807:30::431
1274 days ago
v6decode.comIPv6 address information - v6decode.comUnited States2600:3c01::f03c:91ff:fe93:49f8
1290 days ago
gps-data-team.comGPS Data Team - GPS POI for Garmin, TomTom, Navman and other popular GPS brands.United Kingdom2a02:2498:e000:5::2
1338 days ago
recast-it.comsite iconrecast IT - Cloud- und Hochverfügbarkeitslösungen im RechenzentrumGermany2a00:7380::5
1381 days ago
test-ipv6.netiter.dksite iconNetiter - Test din IPv6 adgangGermany2a01:4f8:d16:701:e34f:4bfe:e714:8481
1404 days ago
myip.mssite iconMy IP Address - Shows IPv4 & IPv6 | Blacklist IP Check - Hosting InfoCanada2607:5300:60:8137:a149::1
1419 days ago
www6.sixscape.comIPv6 onlySixscape CommunicationsSingapore2403:cb00:cb02:101:100:210:150:1
1425 days ago
sixscape.comHome - Sixscape CommunicationsSingapore2403:cb00:cb02:101:100:210:150:1
1426 days ago
neise.deWPAD | IPv6 Solution.deUnited States2001:470:1f0a:8f4::2
1465 days ago
wtfismyip.comsite iconWTF is my IP?!?!??Canada2607:5300:60:7f8a::
1466 days ago
pa.ipv6tf.orgGrupo de Trabajo de IPv6 de PanamáUnited States2001:470:1f1d:275::7
1496 days ago
dashboard.swissipv6council.chSwiss IPv6 Council DashboardGermany2a01:4f8:120:13ec:c102::1
1506 days ago
devel.0cpm.org6bed4: Peer-to-Peer IPv6 on any InternetworkNetherlands2001:980:93a5:1::9
1511 days ago
1511 days ago
vsix.usvsix.us IP TestsUnited States2001:470:67:107::2
1523 days ago
smartipv6building.orgSmart IpV6 BuildingSwitzerland2a01:4f40:4d49:1110::31
1527 days ago
netiter.dksite iconNetiter - Din lokale IPv6 ekspertGermany2a01:4f8:d16:701:3ad4:8500:39f:9d18
1527 days ago
6connect.comMakers of the Most Advanced IP Address & DNS Management Softwareunknown2603:3024:1a02:1000::7
1527 days ago
iol.unh.edusite iconInterOperability LaboratoryUnited States2606:4100:3880:1234::95
1528 days ago
fedv6-deployment.antd.nist.govEstimating IPv6 & DNSSEC Deployment StatusUnited States2610:20:6005:100::251
1529 days ago
labs.apnic.netsite iconLabs APNICJapan2401:2000:6660::2
1530 days ago
laurens7.us.toIPv6 onlyWhat is my IPv6 Address?Netherlands2002:5ed2:2469::1
1530 days ago
colloque-ipv6.greyc.frsite iconColloque IPv6 ‽France2001:660:7101::12
1532 days ago
into6.com.auInto6 | Get into IPv6 and get the most out of itAustralia2400:b800:1:722::
1536 days ago
ipv6.fauweh.orgIPv6 onlyHello IPv6 User!United States2001:470:e861:8::2
1541 days ago
teachmeipv6.comTeach Me IPv6.com - top pageUnited States2607:f2f8:a6d0::2
1548 days ago
IPv6-Handbuch.DEsite iconSeries of IPv6-related e-books in GermanGermany2a01:4f8:141:1e88::99:1
1561 days ago
blog.ciscodude.netCiscodude BlogUnited States2604:a880:1:20::8a:b001
1572 days ago
sixxs.comSixXS - IPv6 Deployment & Tunnel BrokerSwitzerland2a01:80c0:100::82
1573 days ago
go6lab.sisite icongo6lab | Go6 IPv6 Lab – R&DSlovenia2001:67c:27e4::56
1576 days ago
mi-ipv6.comMi IPv6 - Informacion sobre direcciones IPv6France2001:41d0:2:103a::1
1593 days ago
disorder.rusite iconНепорядок (просто блог)unknown2a01:7e01::f03c:91ff:fe0a:c3cf
1605 days ago
linuxaja.comLinuxaja | sudo apt-get installUnited States2607:ff28::a:0:0:19c4:613f
1629 days ago
ogris.deFJO's homepageGermany2a03:4000:6:2157::1
1637 days ago
elladodelmal.comUn informático en el lado del malIreland2a00:1450:400a:807::2013
1650 days ago
ip.piratux.comsite icon[IPv6] GeoIP by PiraTux.comFrance2001:bc8:3fdc::dead
1653 days ago
ipv6.catDivulgació en català d'ipv6Netherlands2a03:b0c0:2:d0::f1c:8001
1653 days ago
itigra.siiTigraUnited States2001:470:1f0a:1a6b::2
1660 days ago
ipv6now.hkHome PageHong Kong2001:2e0:2001:2:218:213:249:21
1661 days ago
bluecatnetworks.comBlueCat NetworksUnited States2001:4801:7829:104:be76:4eff:fe10:57f3
1661 days ago
useipv6.comUse IPv6United States2001:470:b2ca::82
1661 days ago
igorpartola.comIgor Partola: Square root of a piece of pieUnited States2001:19f0:5:46::1
1661 days ago
1662 days ago
whywhathowdo.blogspot.com.esWhy, What, How to DoIreland2a00:1450:400a:807::2001
1666 days ago
bbs6.ustc.edu.cnIPv6 onlybbs ustcChina2001:da8:d800::3
1671 days ago
attack.samsclass.infoVulnerable PagesHong Kong2400:cb00:2048:1::681c:101d
Hong Kong2400:cb00:2048:1::681c:111d
1673 days ago
the-internet6.blogspot.com.esThe Internet6.0 playground blog!Ireland2a00:1450:400a:807::2001
1679 days ago
isoc-cat.blogspot.com.esBloc del Capítol Català de la Internet SocietyIreland2a00:1450:400a:807::2001
1686 days ago
monipv6.comTest IPv6France2001:41d0:2:ef07::101
1689 days ago
1699 days ago
aaaa.v6ns.test-ipv6.comIPv6 onlyTest your IPv6.United States2001:470:1:18::119
1699 days ago
ipv6.vtx.chIPv6 chez VTXSwitzerland2001:4c78:80:2010::cafe
1700 days ago
ipv6.speedtest6.comIPv6 onlyIPv6 Speed Test - Test your IPv6 connection in Asia, speedtest6.comJapan2001:2e8:665::2:1:0:2d
1702 days ago
6lab.cisco.comCisco IPv6 LabUnited States2604:1380:1000:8600::1
1702 days ago
bgp.he.netHurricane Electric BGP ToolkitUnited States2001:470::1f9:0:0:0:2
1730 days ago
1733 days ago
6only.6now.netIPv6 only6only | Exclusively for IPv6 usersAustralia2406:a000::33
1736 days ago
DB-IP.comDB-IP - Your ultimate resource for IP geolocation and network intelligenceFrance2001:41d0:8:e8ad::1
1747 days ago
tech-itcore.plITCore Tech - Blog techniczny firmy ITCoreUnited States2001:470:706b::102
1751 days ago
rivy.orgThe A to Z of ITGermany2a01:4f8:162:32f0::1701
1772 days ago
ipv6.koopman.meIPv6 onlyDave Koopman BlogUnited States2607:f208:508:35f0::1
1790 days ago
debianaddict.comDebian Addict | Fun stuff with Unixy things, especially DebianUnited States2607:fcd8:8::5
1828 days ago
ipv6.wiberg.nuIPv6 onlywww.wiberg.nuUnited States2001:470:dcd1::16
1828 days ago
ipv6.bieringer.deIPv6 onlywww.ipv6.bieringer.de (native IPv6 only)Germany2a01:238:4281:8600:812a:5915:8d24:58f3
1833 days ago
ipv6.cns.vt.eduIPv6 | Communications Network Services | Virginia TechUnited States2001:468:c80:210f:216:3eff:fe6f:56c3
1833 days ago
ipv6ready.ieINEX's IPv6 Ready CertificationIreland2001:7f8:18:2::183
1835 days ago
ist-ring.euRING - ROUTING iN NEXT GENERATIONUnited States2001:470:1f1d:275::7
1838 days ago
ipv6.esIpv6 - Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Turismo.Spain2001:720:438:400::91
1838 days ago
6sos.orgIpv6 servicio de información y soportUnited States2001:470:1f1d:275::7
1838 days ago
ist-enable.eusite iconENABLE is a part-funded EC (IST-027002) projecUnited States2001:470:1f1d:275::7
1838 days ago
guiahosting.comBlog de Hosting y DominiosHong Kong2400:cb00:2048:1::681c:26a
Hong Kong2400:cb00:2048:1::681c:36a
1838 days ago
gen6.euGovernments ENabled with IPv6United States2001:470:1f09:495::3
1838 days ago
ipv6validator.wiberg.nuIPv6validator.wiberg.nuUnited States2001:470:dcd1::16
1848 days ago
hostvirtual.comVPS Hosting - Host Virtual, IncUnited States2607:f740:e::e71
1857 days ago
udienz.web.idsite iconMahyuddin SusantoHong Kong2400:cb00:2048:1::681c:c26
Hong Kong2400:cb00:2048:1::681c:d26
1869 days ago
ipv6.3bb.co.thbroadband internet 3BB : IPv6Thailand2403:6200:4::100
1871 days ago
zonefile.orgsite iconCreate new zonefileGermany2a01:238:20a:202:1163::
1877 days ago
mobil.wiberg.numobil.wiberg.nuUnited States2001:470:dcd1::16
1878 days ago
tcpiputils.comTCPIPUTILS.com - ip, dns, email, whois and seo toolsHong Kong2400:cb00:2048:1::681b:8ea1
Hong Kong2400:cb00:2048:1::681b:8fa1
1878 days ago
ipv6.chIPv6 by Init7Switzerland2a02:168::6
1878 days ago
m.wiberg.numobil.wiberg.nuUnited States2001:470:dcd1::16
1884 days ago
centroid.euPersonal Blog and moreNetherlands2a01:7c8:aaac:365::1
1887 days ago
troy.netTroy NetworksUnited States2001:470::11c:0:0:403e:acda
1890 days ago
ipv6.tugatech.com.ptIPv6论坛Hong Kong2400:cb00:2048:1::681b:9c57
Hong Kong2400:cb00:2048:1::681b:9d57
1895 days ago
ipv6.expertsvyazi.ruIPv6 only- Эксперт СвязиUnited States2001:470:1f0a:286::2
1902 days ago
ipv6-ids.deIPv6 IDSGermany2001:638:807:30::431
1903 days ago
ipv6.yes.myWelcome to YTL Communications IPv6 DemoMalaysia2402:b400:3000:100::a
1904 days ago
cattelecom.netCAT IPv6Thailand2001:c38:9005:4:2000::5
1913 days ago
ipv6.proof.ovh.netIPv6 onlyinternet testFrance2001:41d0:2:876a::1
1924 days ago
six.networkinglabor.chIPv6 onlyIPv6 six.networkinglabor.chSwitzerland2a00:1128:1:1::145:140
1927 days ago
salientfed.comSalient Federal SolutionsUnited States2a02:e980:11::19
United States2a02:e980:15::19
1928 days ago
yadiary.netYet Another DiaryJapan2403:3a00:202:1207:49:212:135:212
1929 days ago
jeroenkuijk.nljeroenkuijk.nl | Een blogNetherlands2001:1af8:4100:a056:23::cafe
1931 days ago
sixy.ch.starka.stTITLE TmBerg http://title.starka.st/ starka.st TITLEUnited States2001:470:28:183::5
1950 days ago
ipv6enchile.clCONFERENCIA IPv6 EN CHILEChile2001:1398:5::6012
1950 days ago
gix.net.plGIX - BGP route collectorHong Kong2400:cb00:2048:1::681c:e14
Hong Kong2400:cb00:2048:1::681c:f14
1951 days ago
capa3.escapa3.es - Administración de RedesFrance2001:41d0:e:57a::1
1953 days ago
www6.ipv6.netIPv6 onlyIPv6.net - All the ipv6 resources you needUnited States2001:19f0:7400:87a2::64
1956 days ago
ipv6startpunt.nlIPv6 Startpunt - HomeNetherlands2a01:7c8:aabd:1f7::7
1957 days ago
ipv6forum.huMagyar IPv6 Fórum / Hungarian IPv6 ForumHungary2001:738::420:0:0:0:10
1957 days ago
ipv6training.comIPv6 Training - Erion Ltd the World Leader in IPv6 TrainingUnited Kingdom2a00:1a80:2000:50:4552:494f:4e0a:50
United Kingdom2a00:1a80:2000:250:4552:494f:4e0a:50
1959 days ago
ready.chair6.netIs your site IPv6 ready?United States2607:f2f8:a8e0::2
1960 days ago
lg.uc.ac.idUC BGP Looking GlassIndonesia2001:df0:21f::fe20
1980 days ago
ipv6.cattelecom.netCAT IPv6Thailand2001:c38:9005:4:2000::5
1985 days ago
redesecuador.comImplementación de Software libre para IT, TIC en educación, soporte de IPv6United States2607:f740:100::f62
1991 days ago
it-service-schwadorf.deIT-Service SchwadorfGermany2a01:238:4385:9700:410a:778f:ff45:2d47
1995 days ago
stipv6.nlStichting IPv6 Nederland (Netherlands IPv6 Foundation)Germany2a01:4f8:202:14e9:2::af
1996 days ago
nolet5.nlNolet5 Consultancy & ServicesGermany2a01:238:20a:202:1074::
1996 days ago
thegellfamily.comGell FamilyIreland2a00:1450:400a:807::2013
2000 days ago
2001 days ago
dev.zra.rudev.zra.ruRussian Federation2a02:6c80:1::3
2001 days ago
checkyoursix.computerlagoon.com"Check Your 6" - IPv6 TestUnited States2001:470:1f0f:844::53
2002 days ago
2003 days ago
checkyour6.computerlagoon.com"Check Your 6" - IPv6 TestUnited States2001:470:1f0f:844::53
2004 days ago
osiris.satter.suIPv6 onlysatterUnited States2001:470:28:94d:225:90ff:fea4:d311
2004 days ago
srv.sosrv.soUnited States2600:3c03::f03c:91ff:fe89:e2ec
2005 days ago
ipv6friday.orgIPv6 FridaySweden2a02:920:212e:1::213
2008 days ago
v6.fossum.noIPv6 onlyFor IPv6 eyes onlyNorway2a02:a18:8210:150::150
2017 days ago
worldipv6launch.orgWorld IPv6 LaunchUnited Kingdom2001:41c8:20::19
2018 days ago
hotplug.ruHotPlug NotesRussian Federation2a04:ac00:1:3dd8::1:1
2021 days ago
ipv6buddy.comsite iconIPv6 BuddyHong Kong2400:cb00:2048:1::681f:4f86
Hong Kong2400:cb00:2048:1::681f:4e86
2025 days ago
ipv6ws.arkko.comChina Mobile Workshop on IPv6 Deployment in Cellular NetworksFinland2001:14b8:1829::130
2029 days ago
future-internet.uni.luFuture Internet SummitLuxembourg2001:a18:a:4::5
2031 days ago
ipv6.madisondevelopment.nlIPv6 readyIreland2a00:1450:400a:807::2010
2034 days ago
ipv6.dennisg.nlIPv6 readyIreland2a00:1450:400a:807::2010
2035 days ago
ipv6.gps-data-team.comIPv6 onlyGPS Data Team - GPS POI for Garmin, TomTom, Navman and other popular GPS brands.United Kingdom2a02:2498:e000:5::2
2037 days ago
jameswhitby.orgSample siteUnited States2001:470:e537:2::21
United States2001:470:e537:feed:6e62:6dff:feec:930f
2037 days ago
hanuman6.kmutt.ac.thIPv6 Site Computer Center King Mongkut's University of Technology ThonburiThailand2001:3c8:1406:1:600::2
2052 days ago
v6.bbix.netIPv6 onlyBBIX株式会社Japan2406:600:2211:1::2107
2053 days ago
vds6.netVDS6.NET | Affordable IPv6 VDS/VPS. 1$ VDS/VPS. Easy, simple and almost free.Hong Kong2400:cb00:2048:1::681c:1b0c
Hong Kong2400:cb00:2048:1::681c:1a0c
2055 days ago
ipv6.mxBlog IPv6 - NIC MéxicoMexico2001:1250:fff0:1::33
2060 days ago
www6.ipv6.chappell-family.comTim Chappell's Websiteunknown2001:8d8:100f:f000::296
2068 days ago
si6networks.comSI6 NetworksSlovenia2001:67c:27e4::14
2070 days ago
ip6.noIPv6 "Killer App"Norway2001:840:42:42:f816:3eff:fed1:b86b
2074 days ago
www6.vbfk.comNative IPv6 Blog | Ready for FutureIreland2a00:1450:400a:807::2013
2076 days ago
2082 days ago
2089 days ago
myipv6.itWhat is my IPv6 address ?Italy2001:4b78:1001::1001
2093 days ago
lg.he.netsite iconLooking Glass - Hurricane Electric (AS6939)United States2001:470::20b:0:0:0:2
2103 days ago
voip-forum.comVoIP ForumSweden2a02:920:212e:1::213
2108 days ago
ipv6test.beTest your IPv6 readiness :: IPv6 test :: www.testIPv6.beunknown2a05:2880::1:3
2113 days ago
nixi.insite iconHome: NIXI - National Internet Exchange of IndiaIndia2401:dc00:1:2::31
2146 days ago
2157 days ago
bird.network.czThe BIRD Internet Routing Daemon ProjectCzech Republic2001:1568:b::145
Czech Republic2001:1568:b:145::1
2169 days ago
boas-online.euPinguine in der AntarktisGermany2a01:238:20a:202:1164::
2194 days ago
ipv6.ltIPv6 LietuvojeLithuania2001:778::6
2233 days ago
vavrkok.euvavrkok websiteHong Kong2400:cb00:2048:1::681b:b4f3
Hong Kong2400:cb00:2048:1::681b:b5f3
2233 days ago
menandmice.comIP Address Management | IPAM | DNS | DHCP |Network Management |DNSSECUnited Kingdom2a01:7e00::f03c:91ff:fe89:ed54
2235 days ago
ipv6-forum.comIPV6 FORUM - ipv6-forum.comGermany2a01:4f8:120:21c3::2
2238 days ago
ipv6.bt.comHome - About IPv6, BT Global ServicesUnited Kingdom2a00:1a48:10a1::538a:9648
2239 days ago
f-streibelt.desite iconprivate websiteGermany2a03:4000:6:e08d::ffff
2240 days ago
upordown.deUP or Down Check (IPv4+IPv6)Germany2a01:4f8:190:62f4::13
2242 days ago
ipv6matrix.orgIPv6 Matrix | (Alpha)United Kingdom2001:630:d0:f104::9
2242 days ago
ipv6.xo.comIPv6 onlyXO Communications - Your Source for Business TelecommunicationsUnited States2610:18:8102:102:2::1
2254 days ago
nominum.comNominum.comUnited States2001:4801:7905:100:aff8:a2d8::1132
2254 days ago
hosting-ipv6.comHosting-IPv6 : verificar IPv6 : consultar el estado de registros DNS IPv6Hong Kong2400:cb00:2048:1::681c:a13
Hong Kong2400:cb00:2048:1::681c:b13
2256 days ago
media.edu.cnsite iconThe Network of China EducationChina2001:da8:20d:22::2
2259 days ago
kahmann.netHendrik Kahmann - Fotografie | RC-Car | Apple | GTI | Simson Schwalbe | IPv6Germany2a01:238:422a:7f00:b3f0:8555:8219:808d
2262 days ago
ipv6.seu.edu.cnIPv6 onlySoutheast University - 东南大学IPv6专题网站China2001:da8:1002:170::95
2264 days ago
chroot-me.insite iconGot Root? - Webspace of rboissatUnited States2001:470:c8be:e::5
2276 days ago
ipv6.chappell-family.comIPv6 TCP Port Scannerunknown2001:8d8:100f:f000::296
2277 days ago
swissipv6council.chWelcome | Swiss IPv6 CouncilSwitzerland2001:8e0::3:0:0:0:24
2284 days ago
2286 days ago
ipv6-portal.deIPv6-Portal - Informationsseite zum Thema IPv6Germany2a00:7380::3
2290 days ago
efficientip.comIP Address Management - DNS - DHCP Appliances - Efficient IPLuxembourg2001:4b98:dc2:950::105
2291 days ago
wie-ist-meine-ipv6-adresse.deWie ist meine IPv6-Adresse?Germany2a00:1828:2000:676::2
2297 days ago
lan2000.comLAN2000 - IPv6 DeploymentNetherlands2a00:f10:305::4b5:68ff:fe00:4fe
2298 days ago
ipv6.dinux.deIPv6 onlyYOUR REMOTEGermany2a02:f882::beef:46:236:231:2
2301 days ago
mydocs.noeggi.orgHauptseite - Meine DokumentationenSwitzerland2001:8a8:21:5:216:3eff:fec1:423
2301 days ago
ipv6-ready.de| IPv6 EinführungGermany2a00:1100:100:1003::140:5
2302 days ago
teamarin.netsite iconTeam ARIN - Rolling out IPv6United States2001:470:1:1cc::403e:fa83
2312 days ago
2317 days ago
2320 days ago
ipv6hol.comIPv6HoL.com - top pageUnited States2607:f2f8:a6d0::2
2324 days ago
ipv6ready.nlIPv6ReadyUnited Kingdom2a01:348::15:5d59:5c5c:0:1
2330 days ago
krisdavidson.orgsite iconKris Davidson | The musings of a geekUnited Kingdom2001:41c8:1:5a19::2
2340 days ago
kernel-error.comsite iconPrivat Homepage Sebastian van de MeerGermany2a01:4f8:161:3ec::443
2360 days ago
2361 days ago
opennicproject.orgsite iconOpenNIC - Community-operated TLDsUnited States2600:3c02:1::42e4:3f46
2364 days ago
ipv6.co.huIPv6 news portal in hungarian languageHungary2001:4c48:2:bf05::1
2366 days ago
supportex.netsite iconOutsourced Linux administration. Support for Linux, FreeBSD, AIX.Netherlands2001:1af8:4700:a102:2::7397
2375 days ago
amis.netSlovenian internet providerSlovenia2001:15c0:ffff:f::18
2378 days ago
cav6tf.orgsite iconCalifornia IPv6 Task ForceUnited States2001:470::11a:0:0:403e:a5c5
2383 days ago
myipv6lan.wssite iconMeine IPv6 GallerieGermany2a01:488:66:1000:5bfa:7184::1
2391 days ago
ipv6-workshops.nlsite iconIPv6 workshopsNetherlands2001:9e0:803::18
2394 days ago
ipv6tf.irIran IPv6 Task Force - ParsunGermany2001:16c0:5:1::5
2404 days ago
myhostname.netLookup your public hostname and IP addressNetherlands2a01:7c8:aac3:41b::1
2413 days ago
roesen.orgsite iconJens Roesen - roesen.orgGermany2003:8:17:158:ea7:dead:beef:56
2418 days ago
ipv6.lboro.ac.ukLoughborough University IPv6 NetworkingUnited Kingdom2001:630:301:d324::c0de
2420 days ago
xs4all.nlsite iconXS4ALL - internet, bellen en hostingNetherlands2001:888::18:0:0:0:80
2432 days ago
nethinks.comNETHINKS GmbH: NETHINKS GmbHGermany2001:4cd8:4::36
2437 days ago
6connect.net6connect, Inc. - Unifying Internet Infrastructureunknown2603:3024:1a02:1000::7
2437 days ago
ingbuero-schad.comsite iconHome of Ingenieurbüro SchadGermany2a01:238:43c7:d100:4d23:5edc:5acb:c58c
2448 days ago
bt6.shu6.edu.cnIPv6 onlysite iconLEHUBT 乐乎BT - 上海大学IPv6 BT下载站China2001:da8:8006:1:218:71ff:fe77:3ccb
2451 days ago
portal.arpnetworks.comARP Networks Control PanelUnited States2607:f2f8::102:0:0:0:501
2451 days ago
ipv6.lxxl.usIPv6 - ipv6.lxxl.usJapan2001:2c0:cc12:b400:fafa::1
2451 days ago
mijnip6.nlsite iconip versie controleGermany2a01:238:42c8:3d00:34d:3653:44c9:f139
2465 days ago
ipv4depletion.comThe IPv4 Depletion siteSweden2001:67c:2448:10::47
2468 days ago
ipv6.club.twipv6 siteTaiwan, Province Of China2001:e10:6840:20::53
Taiwan, Province Of China2001:e10:6840:20:250:56ff:fe9a:ff71
2475 days ago
www6.appelboor.comIPv6 onlysite iconSite about IPv6Netherlands2001:4c38:ff00::20c:29ff:fe76:d5e8
2478 days ago
premium-datacenter.desite iconPremium Datacenter München: Colocation, Housing und Professional ServicesGermany2a02:1308:2224:abcd::2
2482 days ago
akumat.plAKUMAT Mariusz SzafrańskiUnited States2001:470:71:d8::2
2493 days ago
techanalysis.com.ausite iconwww.techanalysis.com.au |Australia2401:fc00::113:0:0:0:29
2506 days ago
ipv6int.netsite iconIPv6 Intelligence - Background Information on IPv6 and related administrationGermany2a00:1100:100:1007::50:c
2507 days ago
2507 days ago
nerim.frsite iconNerim - AccueilFrance2001:7a8:2:2001::122
2511 days ago
6.daveboonstra.nlIPv6 onlysite iconOnly reachable via IPv6. Great for testing Teredo and 6to4.Netherlands2a01:1b0:7999:402::100
2517 days ago
chaz6.comsite iconchaz6.comGermany2a01:4f8:150:5150:1623:7fad:b47c:e7e5
2519 days ago
ipv6-help.comWelcome to your IPv6 help siteNetherlands2a01:7c8:aab4:e8::1
2525 days ago
noc.birkenwald.deSmokeping Latency GrapherGermany2001:1b10:1000::5054:ff:fe73:ec0d
2538 days ago
version6.rusite iconRussian IPv6 portalFrance2001:41d0:1:8b3b::1
2538 days ago
mdeleo.comIPv6 Info PageUnited States2001:470:6:1::1120
2566 days ago
ip6net.deMeine Welt mit IPv6 | Mein Weg durch die Welt mit IPv6Germany2a00:f48:2000:affe::50
2579 days ago
v6.hacktics.nlsite iconHacktics IPv6 Project Pagina (Just a student experimenting)Netherlands2a00:1478:20::4:0:0:16
2584 days ago
portalipv6.lacnic.netsite iconPortal IPv6 | IPv6 - Transición a IPv6 de América Latina y el CaribeUruguay2001:13c7:7002:4128::168
2594 days ago
bosworthdental.co.ukBosworth Dental PracticeGermany2a01:4f8:150:5150:ea2a:88b1:3ea2:c4ff
2599 days ago
webmail.infomaniak.chsite iconwebmail interfaceSwitzerland2001:1600:4:1::4
2602 days ago
enjoyipv6.comIPv6 onlysite icon.: Welcome to EnjoyIPv6.com :.United States2001:470:18:2b6::2
2615 days ago
ipv6world.asiasite iconIPv6::HK DirectoryHong Kong2001:2e0:2001:2:218:213:249:21
2615 days ago
ipv6-test.comIPv6 test - IPv6/4 connectivity and speed testFrance2001:41d0:8:e8ad::1
2629 days ago
ipv6.axxeo.desite iconaxxeo GmbH - Linux/Netzwerk-Dienstleister aus HannoverGermany2a01:4f8:201:14a7:1000::2
2637 days ago
pareigis.desite iconWillkommen bei Jörg PareigisGermany2a01:4f8:d12:683::2
2645 days ago
ipv6.rollernet.ussite iconRoller Network IPv6United States2607:fe70::14:0:0:1:0
2650 days ago
daveboonstra.nlsite iconDave Boonstra . nlNetherlands2a01:1b0:7999:402::100
2686 days ago
ipv6portal.czIPv6 Portál.czCzech Republic2a01:430:28:3::100:8
2695 days ago
comcast6.netComcast's IPv6 Information CenterUnited States2001:558:feed:1:69:252:80:75
2705 days ago
iphh.netIPHH // internet port hamburgGermany2001:868::180:0:0:0:1
2705 days ago
nerim.netsite iconNerim - AccueilFrance2001:7a8:2:2001::122
2705 days ago
ipv6.myip.dkMyip.dkHong Kong2400:cb00:2048:1::681c:704
Hong Kong2400:cb00:2048:1::681c:604
2707 days ago
rene.margar.frsite iconLe journal IPv6 de RenéUnited States2001:470:1f13:5f8::80
2708 days ago
ipv6-websites.nlIPv6 Websites | Overzicht van IPv6 websites in NederlandNetherlands2a02:348:95:6631::1
2708 days ago
blog.dreckhaen.dedreckhände: blogging as I screw (on) the serversGermany2a01:4f8:211:2816::2
2710 days ago
subnetonline.comsite iconSubnetOnline.com - Online IP Subnet Calculator and Network ToolsNetherlands2a02:348:82:cb69::1
2715 days ago
ese.ipb.ptsite iconEscola Superior de EducaçãoPortugal2001:690:22c0:201::236
2715 days ago
esact.ipb.ptESACT - IPB | Ensino Superior PolitécnicoPortugal2001:690:22c0:201::236
2715 days ago
essa.ipb.ptEscola Superior de SaúdePortugal2001:690:22c0:201::236
2715 days ago
ipv6.netIPv6.net - All the ipv6 resources you needUnited States2001:19f0:7400:87a2::64
2722 days ago
benc.jpsite iconトップページ | 株式会社BeaconNC (ビーコンエヌシー)Japan2405:8000:5::80
2740 days ago
nayon.frsite iconBlog de Yoann MaillandFrance2a01:e34:ef37:5870::6
2744 days ago
2752 days ago
inet6.huIPv6 Teszt OldalHungary2001:4c48:2:bf05::1
2761 days ago
radio.neu6.edu.cnIPv6 onlysite iconIPv6 Radio Test StationChina2001:da8:9000:b255:223:aeff:fe71:efcb
2769 days ago
bbs6.sjtu.edu.cnIPv6 onlysite iconchinese bbsChina2001:da8:8000:6003::161
2778 days ago
denny-schierz.desite iconBlogging RelodedGermany2a00:1828:2000:167:2::1
2796 days ago
ipv6forum.hkIPv6 Forum (Hong Kong Chapter)Hong Kong2404:1a0:1:1::8000:5
2808 days ago
multirbl.valli.orgsite iconMultiRBL.valli.org - Multi RBL lookup and FCrDNS check toolSwitzerland2a00:d28::c080:0:0:0:e
2838 days ago
ipv6.czAbout IPv6Czech Republic2001:718:1:101::6
2857 days ago
uy6tf.org.uysite iconUY6TF | Uruguayan IPv6 Task Force...Uruguay2001:1328:6::3e
2867 days ago
ipv6tf.orgsite iconThe IPv6 PortalUnited States2001:470:1f1d:275::7
2868 days ago
4or6.com4or6.com [IPv4 or IPv6]United States2604:a880:1:20::cbe:1
2871 days ago
rex-it.deIPv6 enabled hosting and housing providerGermany2a00:7380::4
2882 days ago
go-beyond.orgGo BeyondUnited States2001:19f0:ac01:367:5400:ff:fe7d:9519
2899 days ago
iway.chsite iconiway.ch - quality internet services | Access & NetworkSwitzerland2001:8e0:42:914::36
2937 days ago
tiscomhosting.nlTiscomhosting B.V. Network Operation CenterNetherlands2a03:7900:105:31:3:105:142:1
2939 days ago
kokatsu.jpsite iconexhaustion of IPv4 addresses sometime around 2011Japan2001:dc2:1000:2008::5456
2939 days ago
go6.sisite icongo6.si Slovenska IPv6 skupnostSlovenia2001:67c:27e4::56
2940 days ago
tla.orgsite iconCongratulations, you've reached the IPv6 site!Ireland2a00:1450:400a:807::2013
2941 days ago
unquietwiki.comThe old wolfsheep.com: will be hosting technical data, forums, IPv6 info, etcUnited States2001:470::65:0:0:403e:ba1d
2950 days ago
ipb.ptsite iconIPB - Instituto PolitPortugal2001:690:22c0:201::4
2951 days ago
beatsnet.comsite iconJust another Blog..Romania2001:67c:18c4:2000::11:1111
2960 days ago
seattleix.netsite iconSeattle Internet ExchangeUnited States2620::cf0:200:0:0:0:2
2964 days ago
ipv6.roysdon.netIPv6 onlysite iconJason Roysdon's IPv6 Google TestUnited States2001:470:1f05:36a::3
2966 days ago
ipv6.metu.edu.trsite iconMiddle East Technical University IPv6 information pages.Turkey2001:a98:30:cc::4:5a9f
2984 days ago
realmv6.orgREALMv6 - Real-Time and Multicast Mobility in IPv6Germany2002:8d16:1b8e::1
2993 days ago
fix6.netsite iconFix6 - IPv6 news and informationHong Kong2400:cb00:2048:1::681c:1012
Hong Kong2400:cb00:2048:1::681c:1112
2997 days ago
6deploy.eusite icon6DEPLOY - IPv6 Deployment and SupportUnited States2001:470:1f1d:275::7
2999 days ago
katiska.orgSchtonk wiki download pageFinland2002:5391:e078::1
3003 days ago
berkom.blazing.deBlazing & Berkom IPv6 ShowcaseGermany2001:1640:3::3
3007 days ago
internettoday.nlVPS , Domains , WebhostingNetherlands2a02:cc8::98:185
3016 days ago
recursive.iana.orgIANA - Cross-Pollination ScanUnited States2001:500:88:200::12
3018 days ago
whois.arin.netARIN IPv6 WikiUnited States2001:500:13::46
United States2001:500:31::46
3019 days ago
dnstools.l4x.orgl4x.org - DNS ToolsSwitzerland2a02:2528:503:2::8
3025 days ago
pugio.netNothing new here - random things in life, tech and macsHong Kong2400:cb00:2048:1::681c:143f
Hong Kong2400:cb00:2048:1::681c:153f
3045 days ago
v6atwork.comv6AtWork - Real World Applications of IPv6 from NTT CommunicationsUnited States2001:418:3f4::5
3052 days ago
bt.shu6.edu.cnIPv6 onlyprivate tracker download siteChina2001:da8:8006:1:218:71ff:fe77:3ccb
3058 days ago
3059 days ago
ipv6.man.poznan.plPoznań Supercomputing and Networking CenterPoland2001:808:2:3003::2
3067 days ago
edsi-tech.comEDSI-Tech :: Etudes et Développement de Solutions sur InternetSwitzerland2a04:c007::10
3081 days ago
ipv6council.luIPv6 Council LuxembourgLuxembourg2001:a18:a:4::5
3086 days ago
ipv6.uni-leipzig.deIPv6 technology center LeipzigGermany2001:638:902:1::11
3096 days ago
theinnerlayer.softlayer.comTheInnerLayer ; where SL'ers come to rantUnited States2607:f0d0:1000:11:66:228:119:83
3098 days ago
haraldsinger.desite iconHarry´s SeiteGermany2a02:590:bad:1::2
3099 days ago
ipv6now.bizsite iconIPv6Now - Understanding, Transition, InnovationAustralia2406:a000::29
3100 days ago
ipv6now.infosite iconIPv6Now - Understanding, Transition, InnovationAustralia2406:a000::29
3100 days ago
ipv6-now.comsite iconIPv6Now - Understanding, Transition, InnovationAustralia2406:a000::29
3100 days ago
apolix.co.zasite iconApolix Internet Services - Hosting and Internet AccessSouth Africa2c0f:fbf8:200::1:0:0:7
3104 days ago
lg.intron.netKONEO Looking Glass -- INTRON-AS [AS30795]Sweden2a01:650::144:0:0:0:20
3109 days ago
ip.interlan.seShow your IP addressunknown2a07:1c80:100:193::10
3111 days ago
ipv6so.nl2001:: An IPv6 space odyssey - Vrijdag 23 januari 2009Netherlands2001:7b8:3:5::80:3
3124 days ago
ipv6spaceodyssey.nl2001:: An IPv6 space odyssey - Vrijdag 23 januari 2009Netherlands2001:7b8:3:5::80:3
3124 days ago
drixter.e-utp.netdrixter’s blogPoland2001:67c:21ec:1000::a
3127 days ago
ipv6.sentinelchicken.comIPv6 onlyComputer Security ResearchUnited States2604:a880:1:20::1dbc:9001
3129 days ago
ipv6.sentinelchicken.orgIPv6 onlyComputer Security ResearchUnited States2604:a880:1:20::1dbc:9001
3129 days ago
ipv6.hinet.netHiNet IPv6 - Internet for EverythingTaiwan, Province Of China2001:b000:180:3::5
3134 days ago
global-ipv6.netGlobal IPv6 Service Launch EventHong Kong2400:cb00:2048:1::6812:33c8
Hong Kong2400:cb00:2048:1::6812:32c8
3138 days ago
ipv6now.com.ausite iconIPv6Now - Understanding, Transition, InnovationAustralia2406:a000::29
3146 days ago
debian6to4.gielen.namesite iconCreate IPv6 configs for Debian and Ubuntu system based on your own IPNetherlands2001:984:3be3:1::80
3151 days ago
uk.ipv6tf.orgUK IPv6 TaskforceUnited Kingdom2001:630:d0:f104::80f
3155 days ago
spain.ipv6tf.orgCapítulo Español del IPv6 Task ForceUnited States2001:470:1f1d:275::7
3155 days ago
pl.ipv6tf.orgPolish IPv6 Task ForcePoland2001:808:2:3003::2
3155 days ago
luxembourg.ipv6tf.orgsite iconLuxembourg IPv6 Task ForceUnited States2001:470:1f1d:275::7
3155 days ago
it.ipv6tf.orgIPv6 Task Force ItalianaUnited States2001:470:1f1d:275::7
3155 days ago
inet6.dkinet6.dk - internet version 6 in Denmarkunknown2a06:d380::3065:0:0:0:80
3155 days ago
ipv6forum.org.ausite iconIPv6Forum DownunderAustralia2406:a000::30
3155 days ago
moonv6.sr.unh.eduMoonv6 project University of New HampshireUnited States2606:4100:3880:1234::101
3155 days ago
ipv6.torrent.ubuntu.comIPv6 onlyUbuntu IPv6 Torrent tracker ipv6.torrent.ubuntu.comNetherlands2001:7b8:3:37::21:3
3155 days ago
onlinefix.deInternet by Call OnlineFix Prepaid ein Dialin Service für Modem und ISDNGermany2001:4b88::620:0:0:0:1
3160 days ago
ottix.netOttawa Internet eXchangeCanada2001:410:90ff::2
3168 days ago
okix.ad.jpokix(Okayama Internet eXchange)Japan2001:d50:f:1::202
3168 days ago
g6.asso.fra l Internet IPv6unknown2a03:7220:8081:c500::1
3171 days ago
fr.ipv6tf.orgBienvenu / IPv6 Task Force FranceUnited States2001:470:1f1d:275::7
3171 days ago
bx.psu.eduPenn State Center for Comparative Genomics and BioinformaticsUnited States2610:8:6800:4b::a
3174 days ago
wiki.freebsd.orgsite iconFreeBSD WikiUnited States2001:1900:2254:206a::50:0
3174 days ago
surfnet.nlsite iconGrensverleggend netwerkNetherlands2001:610:188:410:145:100:190:243
3176 days ago
ipv6book.casite iconMigrating to IPv6 bookCanada2620::230:8000:0:0:0:2
3176 days ago
www6.berkom.blazing.deIPv6 onlyBlazing & Berkom IPv6 ShowcaseGermany2001:1640:3::3
3176 days ago
apricot.netAPRICOT - Asia Pacific Regional Internet Conference on Operational TechnologiesAustralia2001:dc0:2001:11::199
3178 days ago
pps.com.ausite iconPPS Internet - Making IT work for you (tm)Australia2406:a000::27
3179 days ago
ntt.netNTT CommunicationsUnited States2001:418:3ef:1101::54
3179 days ago
aussiehq.com.ausite iconAussieHQ HomeHong Kong2400:cb00:2048:1::681b:b9ba
Hong Kong2400:cb00:2048:1::681b:b8ba
3179 days ago
ipv6.ac.ukUKERNA: IPv6 Trials on UK Academic NetworksUnited Kingdom2001:630:d0:f104::80f
3180 days ago
fi.ipv6tf.orgThe Finnish IPv6 Task ForceUnited States2001:470:1f1d:275::7
3182 days ago
ipv6taskforce-scotland.org.uksite iconIPv6 Task Force Scotland - Welcome PageUnited Kingdom2a00:1a80:2000:250:4552:494f:4e0a:50
United Kingdom2a00:1a80:2000:50:4552:494f:4e0a:50
3182 days ago
lu.ipv6tf.orgsite iconLuxembourg IPv6 Task ForceUnited States2001:470:1f1d:275::7
3183 days ago
ipv6.brsite iconIPV6 - IPv6.brBrazil2001:12ff::4:0:0:0:9
3183 days ago
wensley.org.uksite iconWensley GroupUnited Kingdom2001:8b0:1e4::
3195 days ago
k.root-servers.orgsite iconK-root HomepageNetherlands2001:67c:2e8:22::c100:68b
3196 days ago
ipv6consultancy.comsite iconIPv6 Consultancy - Erion LtdUnited Kingdom2a00:1a80:2000:50:4552:494f:4e0a:50
United Kingdom2a00:1a80:2000:250:4552:494f:4e0a:50
3200 days ago
shockmedia.nlsite iconShock Media, the IPv6 enabled hosting providerNetherlands2a03:9700:8000::51
3200 days ago
ipv6-taskforce.nlNederlandse IPv6 Task ForceNetherlands2001:7b8:3:5::80:1
3211 days ago
geekshells.orgsite iconWelcome to Geekshells.org - For the geek who wants more..Belgium2a02:1807:3610::1:1:0:1
3221 days ago
aa.nuAndrews & Arnold Internet service (called AAISP)United Kingdom2001:8b0::30:0:0:51bb:1e51
3225 days ago
heuer.orgsite iconHeuer Brothers: a homepage with IPv6 SupportSwitzerland2a02:168:420b:d::18
3225 days ago
ipv6samurais.comSaving the World with Code and SwordJapan2001:2f0::8800:0:0:1:1
3227 days ago
dolphins.chDolphin Internet ServicesSwitzerland2001:8e0::3:0:0:0:11
3232 days ago
ipv6.internode.on.netsite iconInternode IPv6 - Internode is an Australian owned, national Internet services prAustralia2001:44b8:8020:f501:250:56ff:feb3:6633
3232 days ago
testserver.lisite iconwebservicesSwitzerland2001:4168:2000:1::dead:babe
3233 days ago
teergrube.net[scram! e.V.] TeergrubeGermany2a01:4f8:a0:5304::1
3233 days ago
ipv6-to-standard.orgIPv6 to Standard - advance the core IPv6 specificationsUnited States2001:470:1f1d:275::7
3235 days ago
ipv6.nic.brsite iconIPv6 in Brasil - Núcleo de Informação e Coordenação do ponto br - NIC.brBrazil2001:12ff::4:0:0:0:9
3236 days ago
vsix.netIPv6 in KoreaKorea, Republic Of2001:2b8:1::101
3238 days ago
ip6.ch:: Swiss IPv6 Taskforce - Home ::Switzerland2001:67c:8:abcd::20
3238 days ago
sambaipv6.comsite iconErion Ltd - IPv6 Unix Linux Windows SambaUnited Kingdom2a00:1a80:2000:50:4552:494f:4e0a:50
United Kingdom2a00:1a80:2000:250:4552:494f:4e0a:50
3239 days ago
inetcore.comsite iconInetcore Examination, research, and development of next-generation core technoloJapan2403:3a00:106:2:219:94:214:228
3239 days ago
rmv6tf.orgRocky Mountain IPv6 Task ForceUnited States2001:470::109:0:0:42a0:b04e
3241 days ago
6to4.nro.netThe Number Resource Organization - ServicesAustralia2001:dd8:9:2::101:64
3244 days ago
netassist.kiev.uaNetAssist ISPUkraine2a01:d0::1
3244 days ago
davidholder.orgsite iconErion Ltd - IPv6 Unix Linux Windows Samba TCP/IP DNSUnited Kingdom2a00:1a80:2000:250:4552:494f:4e0a:50
United Kingdom2a00:1a80:2000:50:4552:494f:4e0a:50
3245 days ago
whatismyv6.comWhat is my IPv6 Address?United States2607:f0d0:3802:84::128
3247 days ago
ethersex.deEtherSex is an alternative firmwareGermany2001:14b0:c01a:1::44
3248 days ago
fnix6.netFrench National Internet eXchange IPv6France2a00:14e8:102:4::5
3248 days ago
kddi.comsite iconKDDI Designing The FutureJapan2001:268:fa03:500:106:162:242:107
3248 days ago
terena.orgsite iconTERENANetherlands2001:610:188:444::50
3250 days ago
ipv6.google.cnIPv6 onlysite iconGoogleIreland2a00:1450:400a:807::200e
3251 days ago
trinler.desite icontrinler.net - the source of information - WillkommenGermany2a01:4f8:221:fb00::10
3251 days ago
ipv6-es.comGlobal IPv6 Summit Barcelona 2005United States2001:470:1f1d:275::7
3252 days ago
ipv6ready.orgIPv6 Ready Logo certificationUnited States2606:4100:3880:1250::100
3256 days ago
ut.eesite iconTartu Ülikool - EsilehtEstonia2001:bb8:2002:500::42
3257 days ago
erion.co.uksite iconErion Ltd - IPv6 Unix Linux Windows Samba TCP/IP DNS SendmailUnited Kingdom2a00:1a80:2000:50:4552:494f:4e0a:50
United Kingdom2a00:1a80:2000:250:4552:494f:4e0a:50
3257 days ago
raspppoe.comRASPPPOE - PPP over Ethernet Protocol by Robert SchlabbachSwitzerland2a02:200:1:40::1000
3257 days ago
remlab.netsite iconRemlab.net : HomeFrance2001:41d0:2:5a1a::
3264 days ago
raiden.seRaiden basic websiteUnited States2001:470:dfcc::1
3264 days ago
ipv6.org.auInternet Protocol v6 for e-BusinessAustralia2406:a000::31
3265 days ago
ipv6forum.orgIPv6 Forum :: Driving IPv6 DeploymentLuxembourg2001:a18:1:20::42
3270 days ago
security6.netVelkommen til Security6.net - consulting in security, IPv6, networks and UNIXunknown2a06:d380::3065:0:0:0:80
3270 days ago
ams-ix.netsite iconAMS-IX Amsterdam Internet ExchangeNetherlands2001:67c:1a8:a100::60
3271 days ago
euro6ix.orgEuropean IPv6 Internet Exchanges BackboneUnited States2001:470:1f1d:275::7
3272 days ago
ipv6tf-sc.orgIPv6 Task Force Steering CommitteeUnited States2001:470:1f1d:275::7
3272 days ago
6qm.orgHOME - 6QM - IPv6 QoS MeasurementUnited States2001:470:1f1d:275::7
3272 days ago
6power.org6POWER: IPv6, QoS & Power Line IntegrationUnited States2001:470:1f1d:275::7
3272 days ago
6diss.org6DISS > IPv6 Dissemination and ExploitationNetherlands2001:610:188:444::50
3272 days ago
6net.org6NET | Welcome to 6NETNetherlands2001:610:188:444::50
3272 days ago
lists.wikimedia.orgsite iconwikimedia mailing list archivesUnited States2620::861:1:208:80:154:21
3278 days ago
ipv6.willab.fisite iconIPv6 and HIP at VTTFinland2001:708:128::3
3280 days ago
nlnetlabs.nlsite iconnlnetlabs.nl :: HomeNetherlands2a04:b900::1:0:0:10
3280 days ago
ipv6.iis.sesite iconIPv6 in SwedenSweden2001:67c:124c:4006::214
3280 days ago
co.ipv6tf.orgIPv6 Task Force ColombiaUnited States2001:470:1f1d:275::7
3280 days ago
ipv6canada.caIPv6 CanadaCanada2620::230:8000:0:0:0:2
3280 days ago
ipv6.carnet.hrCARNet WebWorld Projekt CAR6NetCroatia2001:b68:ff:1::80
3281 days ago
ngix.ne.krIPv6 KoreaKorea, Republic Of2001:2b8:1::101
3281 days ago
v6pc.jpIPv6 Promotion CouncilJapan2400:6700:ff00::36f8:ef6e
3281 days ago
ipv6.org.twIPv6 Forum TaiwanTaiwan, Province Of China2001:c50:ffff:1::9242
3281 days ago
i-pobox.netsite iconi-pobox.net - Über unsGermany2a01:4f8:131:1302:42::1
3281 days ago
ipv6.vanleuven.orgipv6 sitesNetherlands2001:980:130b:1::1
3286 days ago
bit.nlsite iconDutch business ISPNetherlands2001:7b8:3:5::80:18
3297 days ago
consulintel.esCONSULINTEL - Pág. PrincipalUnited States2001:470:1f09:495::3
3304 days ago
ipv6day.orgsite iconIPv6 DayUnited States2001:470:1f1d:275::7
3314 days ago
sunny.chsite iconSunny Connection - Network Education and ConsultingSwitzerland2001:8e0:41:604::90
3341 days ago
hilotec.comsite iconHILOTEC Engineering + Consulting AG: Energietechnik und DatensystemeSwitzerland2a00:c38:102::194
3347 days ago
0x1b.chsite icon- 0x1b - ESCAPE -Switzerland2a02:418:1003:19::5
3347 days ago
fccn.ptFCCN - Fundação para a Computação Científica NacionalPortugal2001:690:a00:1036:1113::247
3350 days ago
traceroute.orgList of Traceroute & Looking Glass serversNetherlands2001:680::19:0:0:0:2
3350 days ago
tunnelbroker.netHurricane Electric Free IPv6 Tunnel BrokerUnited States2001:470::63:0:0:0:2
3352 days ago
deepspace6.netsite iconDeep Space 6 - The Linux IPv6 PortalGermany2a01:238:4281:8600:812a:5915:8d24:58f3
3352 days ago
ipv6.surfnet.nlIPv6 server @ SURFnetNetherlands2001:610:510:113:192:42:113:60
3352 days ago
wide.ad.jpsite iconWIDE ProjectJapan2001:200:dff:fff1:216:3eff:fe4b:651c
3352 days ago
bieringer.desite iconPeter BieringerGermany2a01:238:4281:8600:812a:5915:8d24:58f3
3352 days ago
getipv6.infoARIN IPv6 WikiUnited States2001:500:13::155
3352 days ago
6init.org6INIT: IPv6 InitiativeUnited Kingdom2001:630:d0:f104::80f
3357 days ago
sixxs.netsite iconSixXS - IPv6 Deployment & Tunnel BrokerSwitzerland2a01:80c0:100::82
3357 days ago
iij.ad.jpsite iconInternet Initiative JapanJapan2001:240:bb81::10:1
3357 days ago
ipv6forum.comThe IPv6 ForumLuxembourg2001:a18:1:20::42
3357 days ago
ipv6.orgsite iconIPv6: The Next Generation Internet!Norway2a01:5b40::248:0:0:0:52
3357 days ago
afrinic.netAfriNIC | African Internet Numbers RegistryMauritius2001:42d0::200:0:0:0:6
3357 days ago
apnic.netsite iconAsia Pacific Network Information CentreHong Kong2400:cb00:2048:1::6814:3cc2
Hong Kong2400:cb00:2048:1::6814:3bc2
3357 days ago
lacnic.netsite iconLACNIC - Latin American and Caribbean Internet Addresses RegistryUruguay2001:13c7:7002:4128::147
3357 days ago
arin.netsite iconAmerican Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)United States2001:500:4:c000::44
United States2001:500:4:c000::43
3357 days ago
ipv6.ecs.soton.ac.ukIPv6 at the University of SouthamptonUnited Kingdom2001:630:d0:f104::80f
3357 days ago
kame.netThe KAME projectJapan2001:200:dff:fff1:216:3eff:feb1:44d7
3357 days ago
interway.chsite iconinterway communicationSwitzerland2001:8e0:42:914::36
3357 days ago
he.netHurricane Electric Internet Services - Internet Backbone and Colocation ProviderUnited States2001:470::76:0:0:0:2
3357 days ago
ripe.netsite iconRIPE NCC European Internet RegistryNetherlands2001:67c:2e8:22::c100:68b
3357 days ago
sixy.chsite iconSixy.ch: directory of IPv6 enabled web sitesSwitzerland2a02:200:3:1::103
3357 days ago

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